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Our company has consistently focused on the development of new technologies

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Only the constant improvement of technology and the opening of new possibilities can guarantee the development of the company in accordance with the mission. Realizing this truth, we are constantly investing time and money in directed search for new and better technologies.

[st_simple_page_block_module simple_page_block_img=”10562″ simple_page_block_title=”Plastic coating surfaces” simple_page_block_link=”url:%23|||”]The new surface painting technology allows you to create high-quality polymer coatings that fulfill both decorative and protective functions.[/st_simple_page_block_module]
[st_simple_page_block_module simple_page_block_img=”10562″ simple_page_block_title=”Metal processing” simple_page_block_link=”url:%23|||”]The use of advanced equipment greatly simplified all the processes, and allowed to operate even with very durable materials and alloys.[/st_simple_page_block_module]
[st_simple_page_block_module simple_page_block_img=”10562″ simple_page_block_title=”Welding technology” simple_page_block_link=”url:%23|||”]Today, welding is used for the permanent connection of the widest range of metallic, non-metallic and composite structural materials.[/st_simple_page_block_module]
[st_simple_page_block_module simple_page_block_img=”10562″ simple_page_block_title=”Laser technology” simple_page_block_link=”url:%23|||”]Laser material processing includes cutting sheet, welding, hardening, cladding, engraving, marking and other processing operations.[/st_simple_page_block_module]

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